All-Age Worship

Anointing of Jesus - 7th April 2019


REPORT - THE CANDLEMAS All-Age Worship Service  


The morning of Sunday 3rd February dawned sunny but chilly for the second All Age Worship service at St Martin’s.


Robin welcomed both new and familiar faces and led us through the Candlemas service during which we looked back to the day of Jesus’ birth and forward to his death on the cross.


Uplifting songs were sung, and there was a little bit of dressing up and acting to help us remember the day when Mary and Joseph presented Jesus to God in the temple, as commanded in the Law of Moses. We met Simeon and Anna who both demonstrated strong faith. Mike Bunclark was the star of the show, having learned his lines off-by-heart. The children helped out, holding signs to emphasise some of the emotions we might experience when God works in our lives: surety, surprise, awe, and hope & fear.


Gail then led us in thoughtful sweet-eating (there was a reason for this) and prayer. The children handed round two sweets to everyone: the first was a normal sweet and we ate it whilst thanking God for the good things in our lives and in the world. After this we ate the second sweet, which was sour, and asked God for help with things in the world which are not right and for those in need. As part of this, those of us who wanted to could also write a prayer on the prayer candles we had been given when we arrived.


These were collected and placed, between the crib and the cross, on the banner at the front. This symbolised that we can ask Jesus for anything, any time.




































The service ended with a procession to the font where we lit candles to remind us that Jesus is the light of the world and through his sacrifice our mistakes are forgiven and we are given new life.


The All Age Worship service is part of the new pattern of worship at St Martin’s. It takes place on the first Sunday of every month, from 10-10.45am. It offers a more relaxed and informal style of worship than our usual services. We aim to provide a welcoming, friendly and fun atmosphere for people of all ages to get to know God. Whether you’re 2 or 92 or somewhere in between this service is for you! There are songs, readings, and the chance for youngsters to participate.


3rd Feb All age All-Age Anointing event pic

On Sunday 7 April, we explore the story of the woman anointing Jesus' feet.