St Martin's JaM Club

every Tuesday morning.


What is the JaM (Jesus and Me) Club?


It is a Christian activity session which has

* action songs, mainly secular, that children and parents join in with;

* a story time again secular but often with a "pop-up" book.

* Bible stories;

* toy and craft activities.

* refreshments for the adults and children


It lasts about 90 minutes - every Tuesday 09.30am to 11.15am.


The Aim?


It is to "get alongside" local young families, particularly those who drop children at Red Hill C of E Primary School.


It will have gentle Christian content, not necessarily every week.


Also, it will encourage families to feed in to Messy Church, Family Services, special services and become part of our church family.


It will also be something to encourage families who are having their children Christened.


There will on occasions be the opportunity to give pastoral care.


It will have a nominal entrance fee of £2.00 per carer & child (additional attendees 50p) for everything.


Who is it for?


Pre-school Children and their carers ... mums and dads, grannies and granddads, and carers 


Local Organisation


We have a team of 6 volunteers who are keen to see this important missional outreach work.   Please tell your friends and family.


Every Tuesday in Term time starting at 9.30am


More information and background report from Liz Frani click here



or to register: phone Gail 356293

email rowls_spetchleyroad@hotmail.com


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