Messy Church Barn Dance

29th September 2018

Messy Church Barn Dance 29th September 2018

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There were about 120 of us enjoying the “swing your partners” accompanied by music from Dampier’s Round.      All ages were there enjoying the family event.  


Everyone had plenty to eat with the hearty ploughman’s supper.   A bar with soft drinks or alcohol being served.


There were loads of prizes donated for a fun raffle.



The Barn Dance raided £649.53 - thank you.


£100.00 will be given to the national Messy Church organisation for its work nationally and internationally.


The money left will fund things like leaders’ polo shirts for JAM Club, a reconditioned lap-top for JAM and MC, and other pieces of equipment to support these two activities for children.


Click here to see photos and the report compiled by Gail Rowley.






Couldn’t make it this year?   Look out for the next one, because as people were leaving they said:-


“Please let us know when you do another Barn Dance”.


So..... look out for another toe-tapping evening next year.

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