Music at St Martin's



The organ at St Martin's has been converted from a pneumatic to electro-pneumatic system. It also incorporates a new Taylor piston capture system of the latest design. The organ has been re-built by the Director of Music/Choirmaster - Trevor Tipple in recent years and is considered to be an outstanding example of its type – used for recitals and concerts.  Organ scholars have been taught by Trevor at St Martins and many now hold posts associated with church music.  As part of the restoration, the instrument has been enlarged and the detailed specification can be found on our Organ Technical Specification page.














The Director of Music/Organist, is in charge of the choir of males and females - all ages and musical abilities.   This choir leads the singing at St Martin’s for choral services and weddings, on request, and has the luxury of being accompanied by the best parish organ around.















The fine acoustics of our church, along with comfortable seating (for up to 300), excellent facilities and superb organ, make St Martin's a popular venue for concerts. Alongside occasional events promoted by St Martin's, the church is available for hire by outside promoters and all events can be advertised in the Parish Magazine and the Music at St Martin's seasonal brochures.   (see Concerts page - Music at  St Martin's)

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