Organ Technical Specification


The organ has been converted from pneumatic to electro-pneumatic system.  It also incorporates a new Taylor piston capture system of the latest design.  When the organ was constructed by Nicholson in 1928 it incorporated a pneumatic action with twenty speaking stops.  Although well constructed, with good quality pipework, the scheme was incomplete, none of the stops exceeding the pitch of 4ft.  This situation remained until 1975 when the organ was cleaned and extended.  Further additions were made in 1985.


The refurbishment in 2000 was the Parish Millennium Project.  Besides being reconstructed to incorporate a completely new electro-pneumatic action the specification was inreased to 34 speaking stops.   To mark the Centenary of St Martin’s a 6-bell Zimbelstern was added.


Apart from the 1928 construction, the re-design and all works have been carried out by Trevor G Tipple of Worcester.


















The instrument has the following specification

Manual Compass    61 notes                                       Pedal Compass  30 notes


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