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Minding the Gap

June 2017


During the interregnum (the gap while the Rector’s post is vacant)




                                 Canon David Rogers  and                                Reader Mike Bunclark







David Rogers writes:


MPs need our prayers.


Whatever plans you already had for Thursday 8th June have had to take something more into account. In the snap General Election called by the government, we get a chance to confirm or challenge this nation’s current direction of travel. Some may think our appointments with the ballot box are coming rather often: a general election in 2015, the Brexit vote on Europe last year, and now barely a year later, another opportunity to vote.


To thousands in some nations of the world, three national polls in as many years would be an unheard-of challenge. In many countries where democracy has no root, elders of the people might live and die without casting a vote.  By contrast, in a nation like Switzerland referenda precede all significant shifts in national policy. Nations like our own fit somewhere in between.


I wonder how high a turn-out this election will enjoy. The risk is that a poll hard on the heels of two previous votes will leave some wondering how much has changed. Some of our nation have risked and suffered much to obtain and extend the right to vote. Spare a thought for them as you file into the voting booth, and try to keep to arm’s length the cynicism elections can foster. It is no gravy train our politicians are joining: usually some unremitting slog and toil!


I would find it very hard not to cast a vote on election day. We belong to a British society with so little required of us to belong. About election day there are some factors shared nation-wide: voting booths contrived in some unlikely buildings; occasional spikes of busy-ness making up for hours of quiet; something we do as a nation on one special day, before selecting the radio or TV coverage we watch until eyelids become too heavy and Morpheus asserts.


The primary agenda of our next government was decided a year beforehand: Brexit! There was much in the wake of that decision to pull neighbours and friends apart. Whoever is elected to govern on 8th June has a formidable task of managing the interface of this nation, with twenty-seven others across Europe whilst bolstering what in our own nation calls for unity. No small or easy task: please pray for our MPs.


David Rogers


























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