Safeguarding Children & Vulnerable Adults

Following recent changes to the law and the criminal records system, the Parochical Church Council for the Parish of St Martin with St Peter has prepared a new child protection policy, with accompanying procedures.  These were discussed and agreed unanimously by the P.C.C. in May 2013.  See below:



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A policy and procedures for vulnerable adults was discussed and agreed unanimously at the July 2013 P.C.C. meeting.  See below:



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Both policies and procedures will be reviewed by the P.C.C. annually.


A set of hard copies is also on display on the noticeboard at the back of St Martin's Church and another set is kept in the Parish Office.


The policies refer to two Church of England reports, which highlight good practice in safeguarding within a church context: Protecting All God’s Children (concerning child protection) and Promoting a Safer Church (concerning vulnerable adults).  These can be accessed online via the following links:






The Diocese of Worcester’s child protection policy and accompanying documents are available via the following link:




In May 2013, the P.C.C. also agreed to the appointment of Mrs Sheila Treacher as Parish Safeguarding Officer.  Sheila is responsible for overseeing Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks, and for the functions described in the policies and procedures.





Protection Policies and Procedures for

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