Where We Are

The Parish of St Martin with St. Peter s

part of the Worcester South-East Team

and the Churchis situated on the

left-hand sideof the London Road (A44)

leaving Worcester, about ¾ mile

out of the city centre.  


St Martin's Church is the imposing

building,in a landscaped setting on

the South Eastern corner of

London Road with Victoria Avenue.  


This is the corner prior to the traffic light

junction with Wylds Lane -

having the Postal Code WR5 2ED.


To view a complete 360 degree panoramic

view of the parish and surrounding area

taken from the church bell tower - please

click on the image preview below:







To view the Parish Boundary visit 'A Church Near You' website as follows:


and click on "Find Us"


St Martin's Church, London Road should not be confused with another St Martin’s Church in the City centre – known as Old St Martin’s.


The postal address is Old Saint Martin's, The Cornmarket Worcester WR1 2DF.

It is a parish which stands firmly in the Catholic tradition of the Church of England.  There has been a church on that site since the 11th century with the present building dating back to 8th October 1772.


More information can be found at the church website: www.stmartinscornmarket.org.uk/





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