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Living the gospel in our community

With the wider Worcester Diocese, we aspire to be Kingdom People:

  1. deeply rooted in prayer and study of the Scriptures.

  2. renewed and transformed by regular worship

  3. equipped to witness to the gospel of love, compassion, justice, and freedom

  4. dedicated to helping children, young people, and young adults to belong and to be nurtured in the faith

  5. devoted to growing deeply as disciples, offering our time, talents, and money to God

  6. resourced and released to minister to others

  7. ready to engage with and serve our community

  8. committed to making our buildings fit for purpose as a spiritual and community resource

We make no pretence at having arrived, but we know our direction of travel.


Mission action plan

In 2018, St Martin's PCC published its Mission Action Plan, which prioritised three stages of action for focus from 2018–2023. You can download the Mission Action Plan here

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