Messy Church at St Martin's






Since 2011 we have had Messy Church

events and yes we get a bit

'messy' but there’s water and towels

to clean us up too!   Messy Church 

began in Portsmouth by Lucy Moore,

and has spread throughout Great

Britain and even to other countries

 around the world.


Check it out on http://www.messychurch.org.uk/                                   











                      Read the Report complied by Gail Rowley of Mesy Chirch with a Palm Sunday theme held on 17th March 2018.


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                     The Messy Church Seventh Birthday Party photos - 17th February 2018:



















Messy Church takes place every 3rd Saturday of each month. The aim of Messy Church is to encourage children and parents/carers into church who do not come regularly.


We are in contact with over 30 families with a potential of 60+ children and parents/carers attending if they all came.  




Next Messy Church date is: 


*  SATURDAY 19th MAY 2018


Please put the date in your diary and please pray for Messy Church:


* the families who come;


* the teaching about Jesus;


* and the team of helpers that they may help the children and adults learn more about faith in our Loving Heavenly Father.


* In John 4 v35, Jesus said: “I tell you open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest.”  


Gail Rowley




















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