For 0–11s and their families

Forest Church

Forest Church? What on earth is that? It sounds like church for trees! Well, not quite, though the trees are welcome to join in. Forest Church is a service of Christian worship, but with a difference: it takes place outside, rain or shine, and it aims to allow our dynamic natural environment to inspire and shape the worship. We will be working to foster an attitude of respect and responsibility for God’s beautiful world.


Wild Worship

Our Forest Church will offer age-appropriate worship for 0–11s and their families.

The worship will look familiar and strange: there will be prayer and praise and Scripture and a little teaching, but it will all be guided by the seasons, by what is around us, the space we're in, making use of all five senses, paying attention to God’s presence in the world around us.

The services will be family-friendly, short and simple, interactive and interesting, fun and formative.


(Weather-appropriate clothing must be worn.)




For 0–11s and their families


The first Saturday of each month, from 10.00–10.45


We will be located in various sites, including Whittington Churchyard.


If you would like to attend you will need to book a place (places will be limited). Please contact the church office for more information and to register.